Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Highlights in Maine

Once the hard work in spring was completed, the landscaping done, the clean up, the moving, and all that, the Steadfast Gang got to having fun...
tons of fun, 
barrels of fun, 
too much fun!  

Here are just a few (few hundred) of my fav photos of the summer.

There were beach BBQ's,

Lobster Dinners,

Birthday dinners,


Why "one time", you ask?  
Have YOU ever cleaned three dozen clams???????

There were many happy meals around the new dining room table.

We found all sorts of amazing critters, on land and on the sea.

Our six year old Grand#2 got the award for 

 There are always "projects" and this summer, it was bleaching and then painting the Log Cabin ceiling.  Huge, messy job.  Here we see the wee ones involved in hanging lamps and....

 learning about hammers....

confidently using hammers....

and, yes, it was bound to happen... 

PESCATORA (our 22' Banks Cove RunAbout) was a big hit, as usual. 

 We travelled far and wide, visiting beaches, fishing villages, and "dock and dine" restaurants.

Another project of the summer was getting Great Grandpa's boat seaworthy again.

After sanding, fiberglassing and painting, she looked very respectable.
(Don't let on I told you, but it leaks...only a little bit.....)

By the end of next season, the new name "ThunderBolt" will be added to the transom. 

 I did a fun hike around the light house in Castine, overlooking Penobscot Bay, while Landscape Artist Chrissy Nickerson did her thing, participating in the Castine Pleine Aire Festival at the end of July.

 We hung out...

 and attended many dazzling events at the Bucks Harbor Yacht Club throughout the season.  It is thrilling to have the generations of our family connected with this historic venue in Brooksville, Maine.

 Water fun...

Happy hours,

and sun sets evened out our days.
The three "super moons" of the summer enhanced everything.
It was a summer to remember fondly, and one that makes us look forward to many, many more.

This week, autumn has officially arrived.  Are you happy, or disappointed to see the end of summer?  Do you have plans for the fall and winter?
Keep us posted on life in your neck of the woods, as I will you.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Tis the Season

The Blue Berries are in season.  Picking is a treat at our favourite barrens up the hill.  The harvest is plentiful already and due to the heavy rains lately, the berries are plump and easy to pick.  

Plink, plunk....the sound of the berries hitting the bottom of the pail.  No, Sully, there are no bears here today to scare you.  

Please don't eat my berries.  "Pick your own berries, Little Sal."  Mummy recited the dialogue from the famous book "Blueberries for Sal" by Robert McClusky.

I got brave and made a pie.
My new kitchen has tons of room to spread out and make a mess.

oops...forgot to photo the finished product.  It was beautiful and greatly anticipated by dinner time.
You can see it was well-appreciated.  

Jam making next????

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Friends and family gathered for the event.

Jeanie, you look sooooo serious!

Niels and Peter compared their pates from under their hats.

The cake was a BIG hit!

My all-time fav photo of the summer so far!

Happy Days to Daughter and Son-in-Law.  It's always a treat to celebrate with you.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

She's Famous!

This weekend, the second annual Plein Aire Festival, a juried art competition, was held in Castine.  Chrissy Nickerson Kaech was thrilled to have been invited to participate.  She beat out over 50 other artists for the privilege!

The first day of the big event dawned in heavy rain and fog...

The skies began to clear by one o'clock.  Lunch and a new painting spot, at Dennet's Wharf was a relief.

As the weekend continued, the weather got better and better.  Our favourite artist was seen all over town:  on Main Street, on Pleasant Street, on the Golf Course, on the highways and byways....
She was very productive, painting right up til the last minute of the last day.

Chrissy is very approachable while she works.  Half the fun is meeting those who show interest in her work.

And then, mothering never takes a holiday.  The family likes to visit too, when Mum's gone all day, for a whole weekend!

Finally, the hard work was done and the judging began.
Chrissy won an honourable mention award:  a big green ribbon and a goody bag.  Her work stood out from the others, with her style, bright colour and brush work being significantly different.  Once sales began, the public affirmed the judges' choice....she sold 6 of her 10 paintings!

The Castine Patriot Newspaper and the Maine Magazine both took photos and interviewed Chrissy for up-coming publications.  She's famous and we can say, "we knew her when....."